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PATCert Thermography Services

Electrical Thermography

This service is additional to the range of PAT services that we provide.

Infrared Thermography is the technique for producing a visible image of invisible infrared energy emitted by objects. The higher the temperature the more energy emitted. Electrical Thermagraphy is a widely performed application of infrared thermography. It is used to evaluate the condition of electrical systems and equipment.

When an electrical system is energised, current passes through the system and a byproduct of this current flow is heat. We can see that heat with an infrared camera. When there is a defect in the system more heat is generated because of high resistance and the infrared camera can pick up an image of this condition.

Our thermographers are trained to capture these images and to analyse the results so that out of line situations can be detected and acted upon thus avoiding expensive down time or risk to safety.

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