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At PATCert we use leading edge technology from Seaward that form test solutions which deliver a comprehensive PAT service that you can trust.

The total-solutions package includes everything we need to complete the PAT testing process easily and quickly for you from start to finish from our choice of PAT tester to data storage and everything in-between!


1) THE TESTERtester.jpgS - Whether it’s the latest in high-tech innovation with Bluetooth technology, the range of PAT testers we use includes hand-held formats which can perform a variety of full and comprehensive tests.


3) RECORDING & DATA MANAGEMENTdata_recorder.jpg The PATGuard software range is designed to be highly functional, easy to use and utilises full test records, scheduling, and preemptive, automated notification. Basically, we know exactly where all the test equipment is located, its test status, and when re-tests are required.

2) ACCESSORIES & TAGGINGaccessories.jpg The range of accessories for PAT testers is available to help save time and repetitive jobs. Instead of simply testing the appliances, we are now able to print labels direct from the tester, label the appliance, scan, store and retrieve information and much more!

4) PATGUARD TIME MANAGERdisk_solutions.jpg -Time Manager is an optional software package that provides clear time management facilities. It runs independently of the data management PATGuard software and provides clear information on the users activity such as number of tests taken, and time of tests and the graphical data display lets us see the activity of testers simply and quickly.


  • Helps us understand testers usage
  • Provides clear test activity information
  • Analyse information such as; number of tests, and time between tests
  • Identify where improvements in staff training are required
  • Helps people work faster and more efficiently




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