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S.I. NO. 299

The relevant extracts from the sections in S.I. No. 299 (2007) that apply to PAT testing are as follows:
Section 81 - Portable Equipment

(1)(b) portable equipment is maintained in a manner fit for safe use
(1)(c)portable equipment which is (i)exposed to conditions causing deterioration liable to result in a danger is
(1)(c)(II)periodically inspected by a competent person appropriate to the nature, location and use of the equipment

(2) An employer shall ensure, where appropriate, that a competent person-
(a) tests any equipment specified and
(b) certifies whether or not the portable equipment, including any cables and plugs, was on the day of test as far as could reasonably be ascertained safe and without risk to persons coming into direct contact with any live part of the equipment

NOTE Inspection and Maintenance of Portable Equipment 110V

Portable electrical equipment supplied at a voltage less than 125V AC such as the majority of electrical equipment used during construction activities is not specifically included in Regulation 81 but must be maintained in a manner fit for safe use and should be subject to an appropriate inspection regime by employers to ensure that this is the case

Section 30 Inspection of Work equipment

An employer shall ensure that:
(b) In the case of work equipment which is exposed to conditions causing deterioration liable to result in a danger to safety and health
(i) periodic inspections and where appropriate testing is carried out
(ii) special inspections are carried out when exceptional circumstances arise which are liable to make the work equipment unsafe, including modification work, accidents, natural phenomena or prolonged inactivity; and
(iii) deterioration is detected and remedied in good time
(c) inspections carried out under para (b) are carried out by a competent person and are appropriate to the nature location and use of the work equipment
(d)The results of inspections carried out under paragraphs (b) are recorded and kept available for five years from the date of inspection, for inspection by an inspector, and access to these records is made available to users of the work equipment upon request and
(e) when work equipment is used in another place of work, it is accompanied by evidence of the last inspection carried out under paragraph (b)

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